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Samo Salamon - "Stretching Out Over The World of Jazz"
In the year 2003 an envelope with an album of the then still unknown guitarist Samo Salamon landed on my desk—to my great surprise, because I had never heard before of a jazz scene in Maribor, Sloveni ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Morten Qvenild - "Music by instinct"
His music might be called jazz. It might as well be classified as pop or rock. Looking at the list of Morten Qvenind's favorite albums you'll find classical recordings like Glenn Gould's "Goldberg ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Norman - "Songs like real places"
He started out as a solo artist – out of necessity as he puts it, just to make it more simple to go on tour. Today Eric Nordby, singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon leads a band he calls "Norman" ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Ketil Bjørnstad - "The Importance of Art for Survival"
The pianist and author Ketil Bjørnstad used to separate his two professions strictly: here the well-known author of numerous novels, most of which were translated into several languages, there the ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Nanne Emelie - "Expression of my Core and Soul"
The Danish singer and songwriter Nanne Emelie was 18 years old when, in musical nostalgia, she took off to Cuba in order to understand the world. She went there—what's even more exceptional—without ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Anders Jormin - "Sound is an image starting inside"
Jazz started very early in the life of Anders Jormin. The Swedish bass player was born into a musical family and consequently studied classical music on piano and bass. During the many years of the ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Marsalis/Calderazzo - "The goal is musical perfection"
Pianist Joe Calderazzo is part of the Branford Marsalis quartet since 1998—along their way he and Branford soon discovered a kind of brotherhood in their musical minds, speaking the same language. ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Sinikka Langeland - "The kantele is the mother of the band"
On her new album "The Land That Is Not", the singer Sinikka Langeland creates a congenial mixture of folk-jazz and poetry. Langeland, who lives in the small Norwegian town of Grue Finnskog, is as well ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Unni Wilhelmsen - "Small detail, big poetic event"
The Norwegian singer, songwriter and guitarist Unni Wilhelmsen — we could as well call her a "multi intrumentalist as she also plays the piano, the banjo and assorted keyboards — recently published ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Siiri Sisask - "Multilingual from Estonia"
For the Estonian singer and songwriter Siiri Sisask it is not the first collaboration with pianist and composer Kristjan Randalu. Her album "Teine Jälg" recorded with the Randalu band in 2006 already ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Jessica Pilnäs - "Ups and downs of love and life"
She is from Sweden and she has an expressive voice—something that might not yet be sufficient to make Jessica Plinäs stand out among all the other young aspiring female Scandinavian singers. However, ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Yaron Herman - "A Rabbit out of a hat"
With the CD "Follow The White Rabbit" the Israely pianist Yaron Herman has now published his debut on the German label ACT Music. Fitting the title, he creates a world "behind the mirror" —and yes, ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Paula Morelenbaum - "Bossa Nova is big in me!"
The connection between the Brazilian singer Paula Morelenbaum and Bossa Nova is as tight as can be imagined. In the past for ten years she had been part of the legendary band "Novada Banda" of the ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Erlend Ropstad - "Writing about real stuff"
"Whatever you do, do it to the bone," says songwriter Erlend Ropstad when asked about his motto. Another one could be "keep it real", as Ropstad loves telling stories but dislikes metaphors and symbol ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Eivind Aarset - "Texture and energy"
The Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset is an inventor and creator of extrovert sound tapestries and generates almost spheric clouds of energy with the help of his instruments, half a ton of effect peda ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Emilio Castillo - "Five People acting as one"
To experience this band on stage in the venue of NH Hotel during the "Jazztage Ingolstadt" was an exceptional event. The incredible energy of Tower Of Power with it's famous brass section rocked the ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Sublime - "The cherry on the cake"
At the first glance, this is a strange liaison: a Japanese artist, living in Paris and a French singer living in Tokyo working together for an album. But that's exactly what happended in the case of ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Hugh Masekela - "South Africa holds a special place..."
Trumpet player Hugh Masekela, born in 1939 is considered one of South Africa's most important pioneers in Jazz and worldmusic. Over many years, Masekela had to live in exile—in London, New York and ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Peter van Huffel - "Essentially free"
After several years in New York the Canadian saxophonist Peter van Huffel meanwhile has centered his life in Berlin. The German capital is his new musical base for touring, for example together with ... [more]
by Carina Prange

Frøy Aagre - "Writing notes on paper"
On her new album "Cycle of Silence" the Norwegian saxophonist Frøy Aagre follows a unique vision based on the sound of her soprano: Her band, although conventional in line-up with piano, bass and drum ... [more]
by Carina Prange

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