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David S. Ware - sound dimensions

This man is well-known in the United States and in several European countries as well - in Germany he starts to get a wider audience. People love him for his new dimensions of sound in his musical concepts: David S. Ware is one of the New York-avantgardists - never giving in, always inventing something new. He plays a free and individual style with rich fantasy, but at the same time underlays his music with structures that make it more easily approachable to listeners.

David S. Ware

David S. Ware is a saxplayer with a steady band, consisting of Matthew Shipp on piano, William Parker on bass and Guillermo E. Brown on drums - David S. Ware is a project, a concept and an "avant-garde-player with roots". This interview was made per e-mail.

Carina: How did you develop the idea to create a form of free-jazz, that is understandable to a wider audience? Some call it a "mild" or "downscaled" form of free ...

David: You will have to decide that again when you hear the music in person - probably what is meant is that it has a lot of structure and it has a lot of melody to it. That's probably what you mean. It sounds to you that we "know what we are doing" - and that is why you call it "downscaled".

Carina: Would you accept to limit your musical output to one or two musical genres?

David: I am not trying to limit my music any kind of way. It comes out as it comes out. My mind does not work like that - I am not saying: "I want my music to sound like this or like that!"

Carina: Where would you say do your roots lie- musically and in life?

David: Of course my musical roots lie in Jazz, my musical roots lie in the original Blues, my musical roots lie in the Church, in Gospel - my musical roots lie in the tradition of tenor players, going all the way back. Back to the first whoever he or she was.

Carina: What does spirituality mean to you - as a human and as a musician?

David: It means everything to me, my all life is centered around it. It is the source of everything, that has to be in one's awareness and that comes from direct contact with it.

Carina: Does it mean something special for you to be a musician?

David: Music is what I was born to do. You can call whatever you want, special or not special, it is what I was meant to do.

Carina: Was there ever another instrument beside the tenor-saxophone that you would have liked to use to express your feelings?

David: There was and there is. I play other instruments from time to time. Sometimes I play the saxello, sometimes I play the stritch*. At some point I´ll probably play the flute again - I'll probably record again with it at some point.

[* the stritch: invented by Rahsaan Roland Kirk - a modified "straight" alto sax]

Carina: Your playing is a very individualistic one - perhaps you could explain a little bit more about your technique? In which situation do you especially use "overblowing techniques" to get overtones?

David: There is no "special situation" - if you have lot of techniques at your disposal, they more or less come out spontaneously. The music is moving too fast to think about it. So if you think about it in that moment, the opportunity is gone - you always have to be open to respond to any given moment. Someone plays something, or you hear something and you respond to it. It is all happening faster than you can think about it.

If you think about it , the opportunity is gone -
you always have to be open to respond to any given moment!

Carina: How would you describe the relation and cooperation between yourself and the members of your band?

David: It is like any language, we all learnt an alphabet, we know the alphabet of that language - so therefore we can have a conversation. We can understand one another and that is basically what it's about: You understand the same alphabet. - Or the same dialect of a language.

Carina: Where - in your opinion - lie the possible aims of music in general?

David: In my mind the aim of music is to expand and enlighten people, to bring them into something that they were not conscious of before, to open their awareness.

Carina: Was it always your intention to earn a living with playing and composing music - or did it just happen?

David: It was always my intention - a very conscious effort!

Carina: In the USA you are well-known - not so much yet in Europe. How are European countries in comparison - the audiences, the clubs? Do you like to play in Europe?

David: Well, first of all, the statement that I am not well known in Europe: I have been coming in Europe for 25 years now! We get most of our work in Europe. So now, if that equals being not known in Europe, then I am not known in Europe!

It is just that people don't pay attention and they don't want to deal with certain musicians who do things differently than what they are looking for. I have a steady band that I deal with, I don't jump from band to band, from a musician to another. Everything that I do is with a steady band. So the audience wherever we play whether in the US or Europe, the audience is always very appreciative.

Carina: Plans for the future?

David: Keep doing what we are doing, more, and better opportunities to showcase the music. I am sure we will continue to present ourselves more and more.

Carina: Have you got a sort of philosophy for life?

David: I got a lot of philosophies. Everybody has to find their unique self and should follow that uniqueness; by following that uniqueness, you find a source of yourself, a source of life. In a way, this is everyone´s path, to find their own uniqueness. In this way, you can understand the natural forces and Nature will help you.

Maintain your uniqueness and live by the truth of life - and truth is to be found in Nature, through Nature. We are Nature. Man is Nature. So you must not be fooled by a world that says Man and Nature is different.

Carina Prange

David S. Ware im Internet: www.columbiajazz.com

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